When I was in High School, our family visited Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. Even though it was a hot, humid day during our visit, I still immensely enjoyed walking through the wonderful collection of old houses and other buildings at this "village." Since then I have visited other living museums each time dreaming that one day I would build my own "old" building. Eventually as my interest in painting became more serious, the teenage noise in our house increased, and enough money was saved up, I built a separate studio. It took about one year to design and (mostly) build this one-room "school house." Life "circumstances" required a move, so I no longer paint in this building but still have many fond memories of this studio. My current studio is in the parlor of my charming 1860s Victorian home.

Of course, a school house must have a pot belly stove and a place for kids and parents to sit! (The stove is not used to heat my studio since the ashes would interfere with the paint glazing.)

I actually do use this broom and dust pan for cleaning. The ladder leads to the school bell and storage space.

Next to the wide-board wainscotting, various props can be seen. The taboret and the back of the easel are seen on the right.